KG Custom




              S&W Revolver Price List

Note: Parts and Refinishing not included

Complete Trigger Job                                                                 $150.00

Replace Factory Springs & Clean                                               $70.00

Rebarrel With Factory Barrel                                                      $150.00

Rebarrel With Custom Barrel ( Pre Threaded )                          $200.00

Crown Muzzle                                                                             $65.00

Machine Slab Side to Bull Barrel                                                $150.00

Install Crane Lock                                                                        $80.00

Install Trigger Stop                                                                      $80.00

Chamfer Cylinder                                                                         $80.00

Remove Hammer Spur                                                                 $80.00

Polish Hammer or Trigger Each                                                   $70.00

Remove Trigger Grooves                                                              $80.00

Retime Revolver ( Parts Extra )                                                     $90.00

Recut Forcing Cone                                                                       $80.00

Chamfer and Polish Cylinder                                                        $100.00

Install Oversize Cylinder Stop                                                      $60.00

Install Aristocrat Rib (does not include rib)                                 $80.00

Install Weigand Interchangeable Front Sight System                  $120.00

Shorten and Re-Crown Barrel 

Install New Front Sight base (Weigand) on Barrel                      $300.00

Set Barrel Back to Correct Excessive                                           $200.00   

Barrel/Cylinder Gap, Recut Forcing Cone

Drill & Tap  (per hole)                                                                    $20.00

Straighten & Align Yoke                                                               $70.00

Straighten & Align Ejector Rod                                                     $70.00

Correct Cylinder End Shake(may require                                      $80.00

barrel set back which is not included)

Test  Fire                                                                                          $60.00

4" or 6'' Bull  Barrel Slab Sides or Round with Crane Lock,

Aristrocrat Sight on your gun. K/L frame *                                    $1800.00

Install Bull Barrel -Thread -Throat -Crown-Cut for Ejector

and Mounted (  No sights Included )                                              $400.00

Bead Blast Refinish Stainless Revolver                                         $85.00

Bead Blast & Re-blue Revolver                                                      $160.00

Hourly Rate  = $65.00

* Includes Complete Action Job, Chamfered Cylinder, Fix Endshake and Beadblasted and Blued or Bead Blast Finish on SS revolver.